Four reasons we love boxed wine

We believe that one should not compromise on quality wine when enjoying either a glass at the end of the day or when sharing with friends. The boxed wine format provides you the flexibility to enjoy wine when the moment is right. 


Environmentally Friendly

Boxed wines have a smaller carbon footprint than their bottle counterparts. In fact, it takes half as much energy to create a box of wine than to create a bottle. Additionally, since a box of wine is lighter than its equivalent in bottle form, less energy is used in transportation.


Long Lasting Freshness

Boxed wine stays fresh for up to 4-6 weeks after opening. The spout is designed to release the wine when you press the button, then immediately seal shut once the spout is released, preventing air from coming in contact with the wine inside the box. This allows you to enjoy the wine on your schedule and in moderation without worrying about the wine losing freshness overnight.



With reduced costs in packaging and shipping, boxed wines are generally more affordable than their bottle counterparts. This means that we can offer a quality wine at an affordable price point.


Ease of Transportation

Since boxed wines are lighter than glass, they are easier to transport wherever you prefer to enjoy your wine.