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We bet you are wondering, “Where is Cape Vida?”  Cape Vida is not a place, but a lifestyle. Cape Vida wines evoke the refreshing aspects of life on the coast; the sound of crashing waves, the fresh sea breeze, the sun-drenched surroundings, and an atmosphere of relaxation.

Cape Vida wines come from the Breede River Valley, just a short drive from Cape Town, South Africa. When making the drive from Cape Town to the valley, one will find themselves captivated by the geographic beauty that is the Western Cape. Grape vines planted in perfect rows can be seen running for miles over the soft, rolling hills found at the foot of the Du Toitskloof mountain range. 

Our Philosophy

At Cape Vida, we believe that a glass of wine should not just elevate the moments in which you drink it, but also the people and land that make that moment possible. When you buy a box of Cape Vida wine, you are doing just that. 

Cape Vida wines are sourced from a collective of farms in the Breede River Valley. What makes Cape Vida different is our dedication to the betterment of our growers’ communities. Portions of our sales go to funding local community initiatives such as  school and medical clinic improvements. We are proud to contribute to these initiatives as they benefit those most responsible for the production of our delicious wines; the hardworking employees of the vineyards and their families.

The Vineyards

The grapes that go into creating a Cape Vida wine come from a collective of farms located within a six-mile radius of the cellar. Nestled in the Breede River Valley near the Du Toitskloof Mountains, the vines are shaded early on in the day by the high peaks of the mountains ensuring a slow ripening and intense flavor in each of our varieties. Each of these farms share similar stony soils and micro-climates ideally suited for growing quality grapes.